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A few things with which Beach Bums like to amuse themselves daily. 

Daily Surfing My comments (if any) What it's about
Central Time US
Set your clocks to this time A site running a JAVA program
Set to the correct "Central" Time Zone
Drudge Report
The MONICA story
broke here!
An online gossip entry, mostly about politics
and mostly unsupported, but usually TRUE!!
The Factor online
We still like him best - in spite of his "alleged" peccadillos! Mainly to needle my "Fuzzy Minded Liberal"
colleagues who still try to defend Billy C.
Tom's Hardware
Tom's Hardware Guide
The news about those electronic gizmos that go inside your computer.
Computer news and comment about hardware.
SlashDot News
The news about and by GEEKS.
Computer news and comment about hardware.
C¦net News
Possibly a half-step up the ladder from Z-Dnet! Don't forget ¡ There is no rung there ! Computer news and comment from C¦Net.com
TownHall.com columnists
Loaded with conservative's points of view ! Just the thing to nettle some of
my Liberal minded buddies!
Free Republic
Conservatives make lots of noise too!
You too can join in the fray!
Forums sometimes get lively!
Also tells how things work in Washington
but, this one doesn't wear the mantle of officialdom.
Lucianne Goldberg
More by Conservatives Perhaps a little more subdued.
"The Weather Channel" seems to have cleaned up their act a little. Pop-up ads are no more a problem here than elsewhere. Only of local interest and in the
Coastal Bend, if it ain't a hurricane,
a drought or a flood, Who cares?
The sort of thing you'll see on your local TV
(But without the glib reporters.)
You'll have to do your own interpretation!
Weather- Nexrad Radar
Doppler radar image
The Weather Underground Weather Underground has a neat, interactive chart of the night-time heavens.

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Intellicast Another star chart!

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