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The Castor Collection As of 1July '00 Susan turned this site over to a professional
who hopefully will produce a fortune for her.
We wish her the best of luck in her expanded enterprise.
FleeceNFlax Betty and Jess Green have been long time friends of the Beach Bums. Betty's shop has been her pride and joy for many years.
Business comes and goes but --
Worst news of all - Betty passed on to her just rewards on October 29th, 2012. We'll miss her magnificence!
Centurytel.net The ISP that no longer hosts this Web Page
CSL Home-page Coastal Science Labs has "hung up the old spikes" after almost exactly 33 years!
We all just got too old and feeble to carry on any longer!
It was very good while it lasted!
Port Aransas, TX When you live in PARADISE
you sometimes have to crow about it!
Fox Yacht Sales Pete and Cecelia are the only ones to see
about your next big boat. Would you believe
they're friends of the Beach Bums?
UT-Marine Science Inst. The Beachbum worked for The University of Texas at this location for 19 years!
Guest h0use on the Pacific coast of Mexico Our friends, Juanita and Jimmy Slagel, have five rooms, each with it's
own bath.   They're available on Mexican Pacific Coast where the surfing is ideal.
The Beachbbums helped them set up this website.
Music Studio and Theater A friend of the Beachbums asked about a recording studio that is located
2 blocks down the street.
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